Classes, Workshops & Events:

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Winter Health, Wellbeing & Fun

In this workshop we are celebrating all the things we love about Winter and discovering natural solutions, for the whole family, for those things we would rather avoid at this time of year!

  • Enjoy a luxurious, dairy & sugar free hot chocolate with some extra magic that makes it beneficial for your body, as well as delicious!
  • Discover natural ways to boost your immune system 
  • Cold, sore throat, blocked nose, fever, cough?  Find some natural ways to feel better and get back on your feet quickly
  • Learn how to make a nasal inhaler with essential oils
  • Do you get dry skin during Winter?  Experience a skin oil that rehydrates and reduces wrinkles (AND get the recipe!), and try a cream & balm that will leave you glowing!
  • How about those cold evenings when you just have to have a hot bath (great excuse for some 'you' time!) - take home healing, relaxing bath/foot salts just for you
  • Do you or a friend suffer with the 'Winter blues'?  Discover some great ways to feel better, re-motivated and your normal shiny self!

This will be a cozy, warm, fun & interactive class.  Space is limited so be sure to book early!  For other dates & locations, please contact Amanda



Introductory Class:  'Vibrational Oils for Everyday Use' 

This exciting class is fun, informative and interactive.  Discover how using pure oils every day, can benefit your health, your family, your pets, your home and your lifestyle! 

Smell, try, taste & experience pure essential oils as you never have before!  Aromatherapy?......Not as you know it! 

Cost: $10 per person - 2 hour class

As a Clinical Aromatherapist, Young Living Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils are the only ones I use and recommend in my clinic and in my life!

Please contact me for upcoming dates or to register your interest.  Alternatively, I can arrange a private class for you and your friends at a time to suit you.