Empowerment Coaching

This is about you!  What you want, how you work, the challenges & difficulties you face, your vision, your blocks, your confidence & belief, your dreams!  

If you are struggling in any area of your life, feeling unmotivated or that nothing ever goes your way, there will be things you can't currently see or are unaware of.  These things will undermine your efforts and often make you feel that you are incapable - that isn't the truth!

When you start to spot these things, its easy to change them and propel yourself forwards.  I love facilitating this process over a few sessions, working with you to develop concrete steps and anchor points that help you integrate your new awarenesses and stride onwards! 

First Consultation (usually 90 minutes) - $120

Subsequent Sessions (usually 30 minutes) - $50

Various packages also available, for example: 

  • 2 Months (including First Consultation)
  • Combination of Coaching & Emotional/Energy Clearing
  • and more
Contact me to discuss your interest and requirements so I can tailor a programme for you.

Please note, I don't provide on-going regular sessions as I know you won't benefit long term - this is about empowering you quickly so your life changes!     


Targeted Coaching:  Expand & Achieve Your Dreams

Why not schedule time to expand your dreams and identify your next steps so you can get what you want. This is not about goals and deadlines - this IS about CREATING YOUR LIFE!

We rarely put the time aside for the most important things in life - ourselves! Yet all around us now are the reminders of the importance of knowing what we want and focussing on it. If you have any doubts consider 'The Secret', or read 'Ask and It Is Given' by Ester and Jerry Hicks, or listen to the audio by Earl Nightingale, 'The Strangest Secret'.

Over 8 weeks you will EXPAND your dreams, find CERTAINTY in the steps you are taking and KNOW that you can achieve what you want. Investment:  $350.