I love helping people believe in themselves, trust their intuition and achieve their dreams. My aim is to provide inspiration, information & ideas to support health, well-being & success on all levels - encouraging you to explore different options and find out what works for you.



Treatments & Therapies

In my clinic, I individually tailor treatments, that attend to your physical body whilst also nurturing & supporting you emotionally & energetically.  

In this way, physical pain and issues are relieved, regardless of what is underlying them.









Empowerment Coaching

These empowering sessions are about you regaining your confidence, power and belief that you can create the life you want in all aspects - a few short sessions is often all that is needed for you to kick start your next phase!  

During Coaching Sessions, we work with Spiritual principals and Laws, in a feet-on-the-ground way that provides clear, proven steps to move forward. 

Please note, I don't provide on-going regular sessions as I know you won't benefit long term - this is about empowering you quickly so your life changes!  

Classes, Workshops & Events

Oriented around natural health, well-being & personal empowerment, we hold regular events and invite expert guest speakers, providing information, interaction & demonstration designed to stimulate exploration and thought!